Month: April 2020

RealRTCW 3.0 Complete Edition

RealRTCW 3.0 Complete Edition ha been released on MODDB by WolfETPlayer. Features list: Mod is based on ioRTCW engine, which provides widescreen support, high quality sounds and x64 support New weapons: MP34, PPSH, Mosin Nagant, M1 Garand, BAR, MP44, MG42, G43, M97, Revolver, MG34 New high poly models for the vanilla weapons, including world models…
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Call of Duty 2020 Vietnam leaks seemingly confirmed website has posted on their website, rumours on the upcoming new Call Of Duty game. As the subject indicates, it is possibly titled Call of Duty: Vietnam. These rumours was, according to Dexerto website, confirmed by a prominent video game journalist. Leaks about the 2020 Call of Duty title suggested the game would not…
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ETL Ice, by id software (v3)

Visual overhaul of ‘Ice, by id software’ in an attempt to improve the looks of an otherwise fantastic map… Story The Axis try to get hold of documents left behind in a quickly abandoned fortress to radio them to the headquarters for safe-keeping. Changelog to original: Improved VO announcements. As long as both Main Entrance…
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Ronboy has released his mapping content for RtCW

Ronboy, an RtCW mapper that has been a long time in this game, has now released all his mapping contents. This is from his post on Splashdamage forum.  These downloads will contain ALL of my mapping content (custom sounds, music, textures, models and of course, the source .map files for everything that I have collected). This means…
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Frostbite, by Moonkey (version 8)

KeMoN posted on Splashdamage Forums an smaller update for Frostbite. From his post on Splashdamage below: Smaller update for the ET: Legacy overhaul of ‘Frostbite, by Moonkey’ to fix one crash and implement a few collision improvements. Story A convoy is about to make a shipment of supplies that could bolster Axis resistance in the…
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ETL Frostbite v8

Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 3 details announced – Trailer

Activision and Infinity Ward have officially announced the details on Season 3 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone, following the teaser image released last week. Season 3 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone will begin on April 7 at 11PM PT on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC…
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Halloween Pop-up