85 Productions releases WürzburgRadar for RTCWCoop!

This great news was published yesterday by @titeuf85 from 85 Productions. Here is what he wrote in the news: “we have recently announced that the Return to Castle Wolfenstein™ 17ᴛʜ Anniversary Event won’t be held on Nov. 19 as initially planned, but on Nov. 30 instead, due to scheduling and editing constraints. Additionally, we did announce that our […]

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[ETL] Ice v2

Kemon released a second version of his overhaul map, [ETL]Ice. Here’s the changelog from and to previous version: Added antenna to radio transmitter building. • Added missing tracemap. Thank you IR4 and Ensiform for reporting. • Fixed hovering pipes in forward bunker. • Fixed icicles brushes have visible border. Thank you ryven for reporting. • […]

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[ETL] Ice v1

Kemon has released another overhaul of the original Ice from ET and inspired by RTCW. –Changelog– to original: • Improved VO announcements. — As long as both Main Entrance and Side Wall are active VO is: “defend/destroy entrances”. — As soon as one has been breached VO is: “defend/destroy the side OR main entrance”. — Added […]

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