1 Year Anniversary Update for Castle Wewelsburg!

Add Ons RTCW

Yesterday, 1 year ago was when Ronboy made the first public announcement about the mod on Mod DB. To celebrate this occasion, he has got another news update regarding the project (no new screenshots unfortunately).

First, you may have already noticed the official logo (thanks to Titeuf for making it !) on the mod’s official page on Mod DB.

Second, Ronboy wants to mention some things that you can expect from each level of Castle Wewelsburg. He already mentioned some of these in the previous update here, but at least it will serve as a reminder.


  • All levels will have at least 1 secret area/treasure to find.
  • All levels will use a lot of custom content (textures, sounds, music, models).
  • You can expect the zombies to make an appearance, since this mod will be horror-themed. I will try to make them more threatening by using a skin that makes them appear almost invisible (these skins were used in the Rtcw SP mod called Pharaoh’s Curse for some zombies) as well as making them move faster (see this video from the WIP mod called Runaway Mod):


  • Some levels (but not all) will have 2 exits that you can choose to go to. Each exit will take you to a different level. This is being done to minimize linearity and to make the mod more appealing to players (and maybe convince some MP players to give the mod a try) 😉
  • All levels will have some enemies that spawn in random locations. This can be seen in the original game, where some enemies have random spawn points such as in the crypt1 and xlabs levels. Once again, this is being done to minimize linearity.
  • Some levels will have Easter Eggs. These will contain various treats ranging from interesting information to secret playable levels. While some may be easy to find, others will be difficult.
  • Each level will be as atmospheric as possible. The tone of this mod is meant to be creepy and disturbing.
  • All cutscenes will have the option to be skipped, if you don’t want to watch them. I’ve never done this before on any of my previous Rtcw SP releases, but I’ve discovered that it’s very easy to implement.
  • The playable levels will begin with a rather easy difficulty, then become tougher as you progress.
  • You WILL NOT be able to use cheats. They have been disabled, as I’ve already stated in the previous update here.


As you can see, Castle Wewelsburg is quickly becoming the most ambitious project that Ronboy ever done for Rtcw SP. It’s going to take at least another year (probably longer) before this project is even close to being released. But to make up for that, he´ll occasionally post updates such as this one when he have new information or screenshots to share. Ronboy don’t intend for this project to continue development for years without any news, like some other projects have unfortunately done.


Third, Ronboy want to post the updated list of voice actors for the mod.

  • Jack Stone – Max Huggins (TheRenegadist)
  • The Director – Michael Kennedy
  • Higgs and Murphy – Cody Fleming (Crazy Man Cody)


At least 2 more actors will be added later, so keep that in mind.


Lastly, he want to remind you all that Ronboy Productions is still hiring. If you think that you could contribute to the development of Castle Wewelsburg in any way, then don’t hesitate to let him know! You can contact Ronboy on Mod DB or send him an email.

That’s all for this update. Thanks for your interest, and please continue to look forward to Castle Wewelsburg!