85 Prøductions announces new project!


85 Productions announced yesterday their new project, an exclusive survival mission,

set in the Allies-spawn area of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory‘s Würzburg Radar map!

It will be released on November 19, as part of the Return to Castle Wolfenstein™ 17ᴛʜ Anniversary Event celebration.

Four variants will be made available on launch:
• Würzburg Radar
• Würzburg Radar (Winter)
• Zombies Würzburg Radar
• Zombies Würzburg Radar (Winter)

The mission takes place after the events of Enemy Territory. You’re a squad of up to 8 allies who must survive the enormous waves of Nazi troops or, depending of the settings, zombies and undead warriors, until extraction.

Not only is this going to be the first coop survival experience ever made available in Wolfenstein history, it’s also the very first step into converting #WolfET maps into #RTCW maps. This is the proof that, one day, we can hope to make a solo –and/or coop– campaign for this amazing multiplayer game, which was originally supposed to have a singleplayer component!

More visuals and details coming soon on Mod DB.

Source: 85 Productions | Facebook