85 Productions releases WürzburgRadar for RTCWCoop!

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This great news was published yesterday by @titeuf85 from 85 Productions. Here is what he wrote in the news:

we have recently announced that the Return to Castle Wolfenstein™ 17ᴛʜ Anniversary Event won’t be held on Nov. 19 as initially planned, but on Nov. 30 instead, due to scheduling and editing constraints.

Additionally, we did announce that our project, Würzburg Radar for RTCWCOOP, planned to be released the very same day as the aforementioned celebration event, would be delayed as well to Nov. 30.

However, we can now confirm that “work is complete”, and that the map and its variants will all be released in time for the 17th anniversary of the North-American release of Return to Castle Wolfenstein on November 19!


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Souce: 85 Productions