Battalion 1944 Major Update 2 – has been released!

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Some hours ago, the developers of Battalion 1944 multiplayer WW2 game released their second major update.


Here are some of the Major Update 2 Core Features:

  • Wartide 2.0 – Entirely revamped & improved competitive gamemode.
  • Introducing ‘BattleRank’ Beta 2018 – Our free seasonal cosmetic progression system.
  • Revamped Movement System – Improved lean, jumpshot nerf, smoother movement.
  • New Competitive Map – Savoia, Italy
  • New Weapons – MP28 & Grease Gun.
  • Reworked Weapon Balance – Varied Weapon Choice & Sniper Nerfs.
  • LAN Server Support – Including Grenade Training (Strat Mode).
  • New HD Renderer – Improved visuals take Battalion 1944 visuals into the next generation.
  • New Matchmaking System – Increased Stability
  • Huge Performance Optimisations – Solid 120+ FPS on most systems.
  • New HD Sound Engine – Advanced Sound Attenuation.
  • EXPERIMENTAL – Added Bots to fill empty server slots – Can be possessed by dead players.
  • EXPERIMENTAL – Added Work In Progress Match Replay system (Third Person ONLY)
Read the full change log HERE
Source: BigTuna on Battalion 1944  Community Forums

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