Ronboy has uploaded COD2 SP Videos

Ronboy has recorded and uploaded playthroughs of COD2 SP releases called Sealion (Day of Infamy), Normandy Campaign (Version 1.0), The Desert, 5togo and Chrizz’s Map!  Below is the playthroughs by Ronboy. COD2 SP | Sealion – Day of Infamy COD2 SP | Normandy Campaign (Version 1.0) – Level 1 COD2 SP | Normandy Campaign (Version 1.0) – Level 2 COD2 SP | Normandy Campaign (Version 1.0) – Level 3 (Final) COD2 SP | The Desert COD2 SP | 5togo   COD2
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Battalion 1944 – Wartide Game Mode Explained

Phantasy has released a YouTube clip about the Wartide Game Mode in Battalion 1944. Watch i below. You can also follow Phantasy on his channel HERE  

Battalion 1944 – Alpha 0.8 Update

The developers of Battalion 1944 Multiplayer game has released an update for version Alpha 0.8. There’s lots of exciting changes as they prepare for Beta on January 20th! If you haven’t yet signed up for the Beta, you can do so here: Source: Battalion 1944 | Facebook