New Update Release for RtCW Venom Mod – Version 5.4.9

  HellBaron has has released a new update for his RtCW Venom Mod. Below is the changes he has made   -Fixed third person model of venom gun and sten (SP/MP). -Better terrain res.  -New textures, effects and better bullet marks.   Download: RTCW Venom Mod v5.4 (NVIDIA ONLY) RTCW Venom Mod v5.4   Souce: HellBaron on MODDB  

American Civil War for RtCW Sp

  PAV has released American Civil War for RtCW SP.    Here’s a small preview from American Civil War     You can download the installer below     Source: PAV on Splashdamage

RtCW Venom mod v5.4 releases by HellBaron

  HellBaron has released a updated version of RtCW Venom mod v5.4 and released a v5.4 build for NVIDIA ONLY.   More all previous revisited stuff, aggressive new AI and the best textures by RTCW modder community: weapon textures by OSJC, AidenDemon, Teh Snake and Schiff. Texture of levels by Venom3, Eugeny Panikarowsky and AidenDemon. Further textures and models from Wolfenstein: ET. All shaders, reworked textures, HD crosshairs, fonts, sprites and
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