W:ET vs ET:L Real-Time Comparison Video #2

  Here’s a new real-time comparison video footage, made by 85 Productions, showing the evolution of the Splash Damage‘s Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory in the next version of ET: Legacy.   This week’s episode is dedicated to the map called BATTERY.   Remarkable good video yet again made by TITEUF-85 of 85 Productions.

W:ET vs ET:L Real-Time Comparison Video

  85 Productions released yesterday a trailer, that showcases  version 2.76 of ET:Legacy to honor the 15th birthday of Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory. (You can read yesterdays article HERE)   Seems William  and ET:Legacy had more videos for us.      Yesterday, they released another trailer, that showcases a real-time comparison video footage, showing the evolution of the game’s textures in the next version of this wonderful mod, in the Goldrush map.     Stay tuned
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Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory 15 years old

    Yesterday, Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory turned 15 years old!   Also a new trailer for version 2.76 of ET:Legacy was made by William of 85 Productions to celebrate this occasion.       Long live W.ET and thanks to all communitites, players, modders and mappers that keeps this awesome game alive!   Source: 85 Prøductions on Facebook