Teammuppet – ETPro Training Session

Teammuppet is organizing a ETPro session Sunday 15.10.2017 18.00 GMT Join Team Muppet ETPRO server For password: PM Charlie/Purplehaze/CTRZ or just join their TEAMSPEAK. Training is open for everyone, You are all invited ! Visit Teammuppet FORUM for questions or more info. Source: Teammuppet Website

American Civil War final : Librairies Version Windows and Linux. – Bobot Version 6.1 (2017) Version Libraries Windows and Linux. ACW is the biggest mod of all time, 65 maps western. 6 campaigns, download free Installing:  Unzip into the folder users/public, and a new folder ACW now. Open main, create a shortcut on et.exe and add parameters + exec server.cfg + set com_hunkmegs 512, example (“C:\Users\Public\ACW\et.exe” + exec server.cfg + set com_hunkmegs 512) and that’s all. Run
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