Enemy Territory total Mode Conversion. Theme American Civil War, version 2.


PAV has released a new version of  American Civil War for ET.

Here’s the changelog:

1  : The ranks are different between confederates and union. look at ACW_Ranks.png
2  : Add a civilian, a mexican, an indian bots (confederacy and Union).
3  : Fixed some maps.
4  : Code : Fixed more warning. (Windows – Linux).
5  : Code : Add messages chat of bots in the game (295 messages).
You can edit messages or add new messages, look format
(bots-chat.txt into acw.pk3).
6  : Code : Add 60 voices of bots in the game,
43 english, 10 mexican, (7 voices for french : fun answers from the movie “the 7th company”).
7  : Modify main menu of the background picture.
8  : Modify the movie etintro.roq
9  : Modify the menus.
10 : Picture in the hud, for standing, crouching, prone and dead.
11 : Change Hud Bobot or Hud ET (HUD EDITOR menu in game).
12 : Modify XPSave for all players and bots, specially for Windows security.
13 : Automatic settings Full screen display for portable computer.
seta r_mode “-1” unsafe, default.cfg into acw.pk3.
14 : Menu, listen to all the musics into the maps
or want to select the music in the map you play.

Download for librairies Version Windows and Linux HERE


Source:  Splashdamage