[ETL] Bergen, by Detoeni

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ETL Bergen v1

— Overhaul of the original Bergen by Detoeni–

This game has seen many years go by and is yet loved by many. To properly honor this, the second map that has been overhauled as part of the ET: Legacy asset creation effort is Bergen, by Detoeni, who of course still deserves all the credit for the original level-design. This version is merely a visual overhaul of one of the most popular maps this game has ever seen. This is the first version of this map for ET: Legacy.

Map trailer have been made by @titeuf85

The Unterseebootwaffe of the 11th flotilla is harassing Allied shipping in the North Sea. As Operation Arrow descends on the Bergen area of Norway the Axis must protect the base from Allied attempts at sabotage.

to original:

  • VO announcements have been adapted by Radar.
    – As long as both Main and Side Entrance are active VO is: “defend/destroy entrances”
    – As soon as one has been breached VO is: “defend/destroy the side OR main entrance”
  • VO announcements for the Footbridge have been added.
  • Alarm now sounds in the entire base when either the Side- or Main Entrance have been breached instead of separated alarms.
  • The snapping of the tank at certain view-angles has been fixed
  • If the Allies hold both the Forward Bunker flag and the CP, the flag is “temporarily secured” until the CP is lost again.
  • The Forward Door (before, Transmitter Door 3) is now linked to the generator.
  • Spectator limbo cam has been fixed (was inside of terrain).
  • Construction materials have been made in the style of original maps.
  • Teleport and secret room have been removed.
  • Axis rear spawn has been restructured to allow for faster exit.
  • Plane shooting down the tank has been replaced with a V1 Rocket to create narrative link to V1_Rocket map by FireFly, which is on the list to be overhauled as well.
  • Entity count has been reduced from 568 to 498.
  • Structural mesh and VIS blocking have been improved by adjusting vertical differences of the floors.
  • Visual changes have been made.

–Comparison Screenshots–

–Download– (Sourcefiles included)

[ETL]Bergen v1.7 (29 downloads)


Author: Detoeni
Overhaul: kemon
Brush count: 16.780
Entity count (total): 1.454
Entity count (ingame): 498
Compile parameters:
[q3map2] -meta -v -mv 1024 -mi 6144 “[MapFile]”
[q3map2] -vis -saveprt -v “[MapFile]”
[q3map2] -light -samples 8 -samplesize 16 -v -thresh 0.05 -patchshadows -dirty -dirtdepth 256 -external -lightmapsize 1024 -shade -bounce 2 -bouncegrid “[MapFile]”

The mapfile is included.
Original bot waypoints will not work! Please stand by, they will be worked on in the coming days/weeks.’

Source: Kemon | Splashdamage