ETL Bergen v2

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Kemon has released a version 2 of Detoeni’s map Bergen.

to previous version:

  • Various clipping issues have been fixed, where players could get stuck. Thank you Aciz and WuTangH for reporting.
  • Various TJ possibilities have been removed, to prevent not intended, easy access to map objectives. Thank you Aciz for reporting.
    – As a result, the river at the Side Entrance had to be widened as the only real solution.
  • Lighting has been improved at various locations. Thank you Aciz for reporting.
  • A missing shader issue at the transmitter controls has been fixed. Thank you [UJE]Niek for reporting.
  • Side Entrance entity setup has been revised. Thank you ryven for debugging.
  • Bot waypoints are now available at the omnibot repo. Thank you Mateos for creating bot support.
  • Terrain shader issue inside the bunker corridors, which lead to dirt splashes when shooting the ground, has been resolved. Thank you [UJE]Niek for reporting.
  • Terrain brushwork has been adjusted to remove a caulk leak at the main entrance. Thank you ryven for reporting.
  • Ambient sounds have been added for 2 fireplaces and 1 generator. Thank you IR4T4 for reporting.
  • Moved a hovering lamp at the transmitter controls bunker. Thank you Aciz for reporting.

to original:

  • VO announcements have been adapted by Radar.
  • – As long as both Main and Side Entrance are active VO is: “defend/destroy entrances”
  • – As soon as one has been breached VO is: “defend/destroy the side OR main entrance”
  • VO announcements for the Footbridge have been added.
  • Alarm now sounds in the entire base when either the Side- or Main Entrance have been breached instead of separated alarms.
  • The snapping of the tank at certain view-angles has been fixed
  • If the Allies hold both the Forward Bunker flag and the CP, the flag is “temporarily secured” until the CP is lost again.
  • The Forward Door (before Transmitter Door 3) is now linked to the generator.
  • Spectator limbo cam has been fixed (was inside of terrain).
  • Construciton materials have been made in the style of original maps.
  • Teleporter and secret room have been removed.
  • Axis rear spawn has been restructured to allow for faster exit.
  • Plane shooting down the tank has been replaced with a V1 Rocket to create narrative link to V1_Rocket map by FireFly.
  • Entity count has been reduced from 568 to 519.
  • Structural mesh and VIS blocking have been improved by adjusting vertical differences of the floors.
  • Visual changes have been made.

–Download– (sourcefiles included)

[ETL] Bergen v2.7 (30 downloads)


Author: Detoeni
Overhaul: kemon
Brush count: 16.757
Patch count: 811
Entity count (total): 1.519
Entity count (ingame): 519
Compile parameters: [q3map2] -meta -v -mv 1024 -mi 6144 “[MapFile]”
[q3map2] -vis -saveprt -v “[MapFile]”
[q3map2] -light -samples 4 -samplesize 8 -v -thresh 0.05 -patchshadows -dirty -dirtdepth 256 -external -lightmapsize 512 -shade -bounce 2 “[MapFile]”

The mapfile is included.
Omnibot waypoints are on their assembla repo. [ticket] [repo]

Source: Kemon | Splashdamage