ETL Frostbite v1


—– Custom map for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and ET: Legacy—–

This game has seen many years go by and is yet loved by many. To properly honor this, the first map that has been “converted” to ET: Legacy (a.k.a. visually enhanced to make way for the coming Legacy renderer) is Frostbite. One of the most popular maps this game has ever seen. A big  than you to Titeuf for filming the trailer.

(The trailer you can watch in “Featured Video” to the left.)



This map was initially created by Moonkey, who still deserves all the credit for the map layout and gameplay design. It was created as a tribute to the good old times of RtCW MP and ET. We hope it will bring back some memories to the old-schoolers amongst you.
This is the first version of this map for ET: Legacy. Please keep in mind that these maps, just like the game itself will be continuously versioned with each release.



A convoy is about to make a shipment of supplies that could bolster Axis resistance in the region. The Allies must steal the Supply Documents and radio them back to Allied Command so the convoy can be intercepted in time.



  • The player is now able to stop and revert Storage Wall movement by activating the button again.
  • Alarm now also sounds when the Service Door has been dynamited before the Storage Wall and Main Door.
  • Entity count has been reduced from 479 to 348
  • Structural mesh and VIS blocking has been improved
  • Several visual changes have been made


Comparison Screenshots



ETL Frostbite v2




Author: keMoN & phisherman
Compilation time: 1 hour 23 minutes
Compilation parameters:
[q3map2] -bsp -meta -patchmeta -samplesize 16 -v -mv 1024 -mi 6144 "[MapFile]
[q3map2] -vis -saveprt -v "[MapFile]
[q3map2] -light -fast -samples 6 -samplesize 16 -v -thresh 0.05 -lomem -dirty -dirtdepth 256 -lightmapsize 512 -patchshadows -external "[MapFile]


Source: Kemon –  Splashdamage