Halfway between remaster and remake, the new version of The Dark Army: Uprising has just been announced! And a playable demo is coming tomorrow!

Add Ons RTCW

This new version is not coming now. We’re not sure when it will release, but it’s on the way. We take all the time necessary to rebuild most of the environments, reshape our ideas, improve the level-design… to create the ultimate single-player adventure. We’re not in a rush, we’ve been working on this new version the whole year. However, it would be a lie to pretend that it’s not close to completion. It will not release before 2018, at least. However, we would like to have as much feedback as possible for the new Uprising to be as close to perfect before release. That’s why we decided to release a public demo tomorrow, for testing purposes. It will feature the introduction (briefing) cutscene as well as the first playable mission (which will be playable by either day or night, through four different difficulty modes).