Halfway between remaster and remake, the new version of The Dark Army: Uprising has just been announced! And a playable demo is coming tomorrow!

Add Ons RTCW

Now be aware that this new version of The Dark Army: Uprising is running under RealRTCW 2.1, which unlike RealRTCW 2.0 doesn’t use Knightmare‘s unofficial 1.42d version of Return To Castle Wolfenstein as base, but Donny Springer‘s iortcw instead. And what’s maybe the most important thing to know when it comes to iortcwis that it requires original Return To Castle Wolfenstein files to launch. Basically, if you want to run iortcw or any mod powered by iortcw or its alterations, like RealRTCW 2.1, you need to have the latest official version (1.41) of Return To Castle Wolfenstein installed on your computer. What if you don’t? Then you will run into an error which will tell you that some “checksum is incorrect”. It’s because iortcw checks the files in your Return To Castle Wolfenstein directory to know if you truly have the latest version of the game installed. Not to mention that, sadly, if you don’t own the US (or Steam) version of Return To Castle Wolfenstein, the game won’t run, because the expected checksum has to match the precise one of the aforementioned versions of the game. RealRTCW 2.1 is an alteration of iortcw, and thus has this checksum verification feature implemented, which means it works just the same way.

So you may have guessed it by now, as the new version of The Dark Army: Uprising will be powered by RealRTCW 2.1, you’ll need a clean install of Return To Castle Wolfenstein (1.41) and it will have to be either the US version of the game, or the one available on Steam (which is basically the same, because the version sold by Steam all over the globe is actually the US version of the game). And the upcoming demo of tomorrow won’t escape this rule, so be sure to prepare your clean install of the game. That’s not that hard hopefully since, if you get the game from Steam, it will already be patched to the latest version, and if you have the US version without patches, those are not that hard to find and install (provided you proceed in the correct order, at least). We sincerely hope that now you understand why we can’t release a standalone version of the mod just like we did in the past, because this time we would have to include all the original game’s files in the package, and that would be illegal. However, be sure we’ll provide all necessary installation instructions within the demo’s file description, step-by-step, to make things way easier, and be here to help you with the installation if it proves necessary. Until then, if you don’t have the game, we recommend you get it from Steam right below (and it won’t have much of an impact on your wallet). Latest Wolfenstein installments are great FPS games? I won’t deny that they are good FPS games, but this one right below is the real thing: the real, classic and unmatched Wolfenstein experience. The best entry in the series, despite it’s sixteen years old. Give it a try if you haven’t!

The exact time of the demo’s release tomorrow will be revealed very soon. Now, as we said, feedback is our fuel for development. We’ll make good use of your reviews. Thus we will most likely create something with Google Forms, a poll, in which you will be able to send your thoughts, what you liked, disliked and what you’d like to see, so we can work on it and keep you informed of our progress.