Halfway between remaster and remake, the new version of The Dark Army: Uprising has just been announced! And a playable demo is coming tomorrow!

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To conclude on this announcement, we would like to thank everyone who have been supporting us until now. 2018 will be our sixth year here and you’ve always been amazing with us and the project, as it progressed, especially on Mod DB. We wouldn’t have made it here without your support. So thank-you everyone. By the way, in a few hours will start the 2017 Mod of the Year Awards competition, in which you can vote for your favorite mods on Mod DB. If you enjoy playing tomorrow, and believe it deserves some recognition, feel free to vote for The Dark Army: Uprising. As we said in the beginning of this article, The Dark Army: Uprising ended in the Top 100 Best Mods during last year’s competition.

The Dark Army: Uprising

Mod of the Year Awards

Source:  TITEUF-85 on MODDB