klientpro Winter 3on3 Cup

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klientpro is organizing a ET Winter 3on3 cup cause they like the game very much and wants to keep the game alive.


The sign-ups are open now. You can signup your team until 01.12.2017.
The groups and teams will be presented 06.12.2017.

How to sign-up

Send message on PM (Onion_) on Crossfire with: Team name, line-up (with flags), and captain.


Any team during group stage and playoffs can choose from the following maps:
supply, sp_delivery_te, et_ice, frostbite, adlernest, sw_goldrush_te.


The winning Team players will receive admin level 4 on klientpro server.
Currently there are no money prizes. We just want to keep the game going, but feel free if you want to donate!

More details will be announced after 06.12.2017.

Team klientpro

Source: Crossfire