NA RTCW 6v6 Fall Cup Announced!


MATCHES BEGIN: Thursday, August 31st @ 9 PM EST!
HOW TO SIGNUP: Team Captains need to simply message an admin on Discord with your entire roster and a list of the players GUID’s! Signups begin immediately and end Thursday, August 24th @ 11:59 PM EST. Rosters will be locked during the duration of the event. Pick your roster wisely.
NEED YOUR PB GUID? Simply connect to a valid RTCW OSP 1.4 Server and type /pb_plist in the console. The last 8 numbers/characters are what we are looking for.
ROSTER DETAILS: Minimum 7 Players! Maximum of 9! If you a large group of players interested we encourage you to signup multiple team’s vs. one large one. Euros are allowed but maximum of 2 per team unless an entire Euro team is interested. If so you can discuss with an admin but understand matches are on NA servers and at NA times vs. other NA teams.
SEASON, MAP and SCHEDULE DETAILS: Every team will compete against the others twice during the regular season. Meaning if we have 4 teams the season will be 6 weeks long, etc. Signups will determine season length. We plan on playing traditionally acceptable maps including but not limited to: ICE, FROST, BEACH, BASE, ASSAULT, CHATEAU, VILLAGE, TUNDRA, UFO, and SUB. Each week a different map will be used to allow for more focused scrimming and practice. We will release the official schedule before the start of the regular season and teams will follow that schedule for the duration of the event. Following the regular season we will have a playoff. The regular season is essentially a means to rank/seed teams for the playoffs.
RESCHEDULING: No rescheduling of matches will be allowed during the regular season. We will be following the schedule provided and no rescheduling means less delays for cup. We will however allow teams to schedule your match on days before the official date/time provided both teams and admins agree. If teams fail to reach an agreement forfeits will be awarded accordingly.
RINGERS: Nope. Again pick your players carefully to ensure they are available on Thursdays @ 9:30 PM EST.
DON’T HAVE A TEAM? Message an admin! We will attempt to assign you to a team that is signing up that might need an extra player or two.


DON’T HAVE DISCORD? You can join the NA RTCW community here:
More details will follow! Any questions please let the admin team know. Thanks! GL HF!

Note: If we end up with a less than 4 teams signed up we will cancel this event. We will only host provided we end up with 4 teams minimum.

Another Note: Yes I know this is primarily geared towards the NA RTCW community but the admin team and I wanted to obviously give some EU guys a shot to play hense allowing 2 EU guys per team or the potential for some crazy completely EU team wanting to play just being forced onto NA servers and NA time frames for matches.

-NA Admin Team (Virus047, Gut, Cypher & Eternal)

Source: Crossfire