New addition to ET:Legacy developer team

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Gordon, who also works on InspirationTuts has jonied ET:Legacy developer team to make weapon models for them.

What is Ispiration Tuts?

3ds max max tutorials beginner series are the main tutorials in InspirationTuts where they are gonna train you to become a 3d artist. 3ds max tutorials are about modeling, texturing, rigging, animation,lighting and rendering. They can help you as a beginner understand the basics of 3ds max in an easy an fun ways that’s gonna help you become the artist you want to be.


Here’s the video from Gordon released yesterday.


He has a vote going on (beneath the video in Youtube) on which model he is going to make after 2 days and a tutorial after one week. So place you votes in the comments section on Youtube and support his work and ET Community.

Here are some links to their channels:




Also another guy to mention is Zimuus.

He also makes models and the animations for them for ET:Legacy.

Here’s abit about Zimuus:

  • His first first ever weapon animation was created January 1st, 2017.

Software he uses:


•Vegas Pro (13)

•Photoshop (CS6)

•Source Filmmaker

His links: