New RtCW SP Videos Uploaded – Tatiana Plays Operation Trondheim: Red Alert and Operation Trondheim: Iron Cross!

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Tatiana has uploaded playthroughs for the Rtcw SP addons called Operation Trondheim: Red Alert and Operation Trondheim: Iron Cross! You can watch them below.

Operation Trondheim_Red Alert_1

Operation Trondheim_Red Alert_2


Operation Trondheim_Red Alert_3


Operation Trondheim_Red Alert_4

Operation Trondheim_Red Alert_5

Operation Trondheim_Iron_Cross_1

Operation Trondheim_Iron_Cross_2


Operation Trondheim_Iron_Cross_3

Operation Trondheim_Iron_Cross_4

Operation Trondheim_Iron_Cross_5

 Operation Trondheim_Iron_Cross_6

Source: Ronboy Productions