New version of the ET map Norweigan Battery

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Macchute has released a new version of his ET map called Norweigan Battery.

Quoting Macchute from the read me file:

It is, just like all materials and shaders I have made, under dwtfuw licence, which means that you are free to expand upon this concept.
however you might need the .map file, don’t worry just fire away a mail to and you will get it with or without panda milk, whatever you prefer.

So is there anything to know about this map as it is? -No

But I would like to thank UJE CLAN, and the players from UJE Teamplay server for beeing nice and having that chill ET server up so I can play some good games even when I have 24 hour cooldown on CS:GO because of b%##¤%%¤#”W”%%!!!!

Soo… that’s it 🙂 have fun!!!



Download the map here:

NorwegianBattery b7


Download the botfiles for Norweigan Battery HERE

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Source: Macchute thru WolfWatch Discord Channel