Q&A interview with Schnoog


It’s time to publish another Q&A, since it’s been awhile when the last one was published.


This Q&A interview is with Schnoog, manager of Splatterladder and founder of Wolffiles.


Q. Hi Schnoog and thanks for having this interview.
Hi Ray, you’re welcome. Thanks for having me.

Q. How are you these days? Alot to do?
Thanks, fine. Let me say it so. A long time gone since I got bored the last time.

Q. Can you tell our readers about yourself abit, for those that don’t know who you are.
I’m a 40 year old child named Volker. My first contact with computer games was on XMAS 84, when my parent made me an Atari 800XL as gift.
In real life I’m a scientist at ”big pharma”. 

Q. You have been a long time in these scene..how long has it been now?
Back in 2004, I got my hands on a copy of RtCW and the SP rocked. But at some point, Heinrich was killed and I had to look for an alternative, when I stepped over to Enemy Territory. I was used to play on the ETW-FunZone 40 maps ETPRO server and joined the Clan in 2007.

Q. What have you been doing these years within the scene?
In 2007 I wrote a small server browser called ET Server Watch. Later in this year, I was asked to become admin of the ETW-FZ clan.
Because of the 40Maps server ( you know, setting up a !working! campaign with 40 maps, to be exactly 4×10 maps, can be a pain in the….) I wrote a little php script to generate campaigns, copy all the needed files to an ET test server and run it. In principle, that was my first touch with the php-language.
We organized several Night-of-Fight events in cooperation with several other clans.

Q. When did you start to run Splatterladder?
In May 2011 Rippchen dropped me a note to offer me to take over ownership of the Splatterladder. And the message was clear: You can take the SL, or we will switch it off.
At this time, I already had 2 server to manage, one from my Clan, one with Wolffiles. But life is about challenges.

Q. How is Splatterladder doing these days?
Technically, quite well. Like all ET/RtCW linked pages, the user visit counter has slowed down over the years.
If you like some statistics:
SL has moved 3times during the last 6 years.
During those 6 years I was connected for 613 hours via SSH to the server and we had a total downtime of 51 hours, caused by several defects like broken hard disks (in total 9 were destroyed yet), a broken power supply or a runaway update.

Q. You also founded Wolffiles. What made you start that website?
Back in 2010 Wolfmap published the approaching shutdown of their service. I asked for a copy of their file base. Because I only had a very slow internet connection, I decided to rent a server to be able to mirror the files and make them available to the public.
For Wolffiles the idea was to make one task every server admin is knowing very well as easy as possible: Map testing.
I don’t know any other service which offers this for any game.

Q. What was your primary tasks of working with Splatterladder
Coding, coding, coding and fixing all the bugs I’ve implemented.
I needed several months to understand the code behind the SL.
I like to solve problems, but when it comes to perform “standard” tasks, I’m unwilling to work.
So all the hard daily work was and is done by other people.
StoerFaktor, TomDome, Krauerstaut, Dogster and Gangster just to mention a few (there are many more)

Q. You also the maker of ETkey generator?
Yes, I am.

Q. I remember the time when Evenbalance stopped supporting ET..that was a struggle for a lot of players joining servers. That was the reason for making the ETkey generator?
That was one of the reasons. When EB stopped the support, several key-makers popped up. You have had to download an unknown executable. Then I stepped over an online version, which failed to produce valid etkeys, it used randomly each alphabetic character, when the ETKey should only contain the hexadecimal ones. So by accident the generated keys worked some time.
During my facepalm I decided to do it better.

Q. Any other projects you’ve done we don’t know about?
I also host et-install.com and splattervoice.com and I’m the developer of Passknacker.com a Motorcycle centered project.

Q. Where you involved with Wolfmap back in the days?
No, I visited Wolfmap on a daily base, but I was not involved until the very end when the allowed me to download the files in one package.

Q. Do you know if Berzerkr is still around? (Berzerkr is one of the founders of Wolfmap.de)
Long time not heard from Berzerkr.

Q. Do you still play these awesome games?( ET/RtCW)
No, not really. 2 hours during the last 5 years maybe.

Q. Anything new coming from you for Splatterladder/Wolffiles?
No news at the moment.
Some years ago we started to track the CoD series, UrbanTerror and Quake 3 and even an own low-cost server hosting. But the community response was reluctant.
I’ll try to keep both, Wolffiles and Splatterladder, alive as long as possible, but tbh. spending a lot of money for projects dedicated to games you not even playing anymore isn’t the most motivating thing ever.

Q. How do you see the ET/RtCW scene today?
It’s difficult. One could say the scene is gone. But on a closer look, there are some hard core ET and RtCW fans, still loving to play the games.
They are my main reason to keep Wolffiles and Splatterladder online.

Q. What kind of hobbies do you have?
I’m a passionate script kiddy (some of my small coding projects can be found at github.com/schnoog) and an enthusiastic motorcycle driver.

Q. Anything else you would like to share with us?
Don’t believe in populism and they say you will eat around 23 spiders in your life, but really you can eat as many as you want. Treat yourself, you deserve it.

Q. Thank you for taking time for this Q&A and I wish you all the best for the future. 🙂
v5.8.2 . Thanks a lot for the opportunity and only the best for you.