Q&A interview with Yo$hik from RTCW.

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Q. How many years have you played RtCW?
This is a very simple question, I’d rather tell the full story of the appearance of my copy of the game. As I mentioned earlier in 2004, I already had an internet connection, and I started looking for the same game that I loved so much. But considering how much the time have passed, I completely forgot how it is called, lol. I remembered that there was a submarine boat and a rocket, so I later went to the Wolfenstein title. We had several stores selling disks, but they were all products of piracy, I knew it, but there was no other way at that time. So getting caught up in the stack of CD in shop I found the desired thing. But already at home found that the description did not correspond to reality. Instead of the original, there were three Wolfenstein on the disc. These were such add-ons as the Time Gate, Project 51, and The Rate is More Than Life. I was surprised but not going to put it back to the store. Moreover, having passed the “Time Gate” I saw in the titles information that it’s fan work, it conquered my imagination. And I already knew I had to look for the original game and tools for creating levels. Now back to the question, I do not even know from what year to keep track of time, but this is very much.

Q. Have you been playing ET aswell?
I spent a lot of time in ET, it seemed to me more dynamic and interesting than other network games. But for this time being I have not playing it for a long time, it is not even installed

Q. Do you play or making things for WW2 games in general?
I like the games that come back to you in the era of the Second World War, when the glory and victim were hand in hand. There were no limits to human cruelty and heroism. Many members of my family were participants and witnesses to the fall of civilization. Perhaps because this theme is interesting for me. Now, from time to time, I walkthrough the old ww2-games, you can find them on my YouTube channel.

Q. What made you start mapping?
Great interest, to find out how it all works. That knowledge of the information that is possible, thanks to the already existing fan-maps that gave an understanding of what you can it too. My first discovery was how the effect of turning on the light in the Time Gate was realized. If you remember, at the end of one of the Tomb level, you need to turn on generator and then the light in the tunnel appears, so I am about this moment.

Q. How any maps have you made so far and what are they called?
At this time, the following mappacks are available to all users: Devil’s Manor 1, Devil’s Manor 2 ; Dark Matter ; Vendetta V1.1 Missionpack and Vendetta 2 Demo. How much maps it is, I think it’s  more than thirty.