Q&A interview with Yo$hik from RTCW.

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Q. Do you do anything else besides mapping? Modding etc?
I really like video and photography. In one period of my life video shooting was the source of my daily bread. I really enjoy good music, and genre orientation is very diverse. I would like to travel more and make fantastic photos, active rest is best for me, but without an extra extreme. But same times it happens 😀 I am also very interested in cgi, it is closely related to videoediting and compositing. But there are not any extraordinary achievements in this area.

Q.What is your favourite map(s) of RtCW and ET.
In the RtCW universe, a lot of interesting and beautiful works. Most of all, I like Time Gate and Project51, maybe because they were the first on my pc, or maybe they’re just fantastic.

Q. Do you still map or working on something for RtCW?
Now I’m not working on anything, I need a break from this activity. At first, did not have enough time, and then, the world just went going crazy, and some events that happen around you just knock you out of this path. These events also reflected on The Victors devteam. I having ideas for continuing my work. At this time, some workouts are available as a demo. I have taken this step so simply do not lost what is done before.

Q. Are you developing something for ET?
I’am nothing develop or creating for Enemy Territory.

Q. Do you make prefabs and models for RtCW?
Yes, on Wolfmap Forum posting a lot models, prefabs for mappers. There are also many works from other community members. So if your readers need a quality model, please come and you will always be happy.

Q. Is there still many RtCW servers out there? If so, which one do you recommend?
 For RtCW Multiplayer, I don’t know. Some of friends still playing, so servers is alive. I personally play sometimes in Coop modification, you can find me on Midu servers.

Q. How would you make RtCW better?
A. RtCW game for all times. The only one she needs is some graphical suspenders. We have some mods like Venom Mod, and engine modification like Berserker@Wolf, also don’t forget wrappers. These guys make game better! Can I do better than they? I don’t think so.