Q&A interview with Yo$hik from RTCW.

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Q. How do you see the RtCW and ET scene today?
The community of these games is great, they will never let it disappear in time. For all this time, gamedev has released a lot of products. But for mee they are empty. Previously, they did everything with their soul, and RtCW was one of them. Therefore, even today, these games are relevant and have their own development as official and as not official.

Q. And how do you see these scene’s in the future?
Fans of the franchise every year more and more. There are even newcomers who, besides the new order and the restart of Wolfenstein, do not know anything. We must introduce them and popularize the anticipation of restart. Resources like your WolfWatch successfully contribute them. Let’s wish, RtCW long years of existence, and its community member strong health and big inspiration.

Q. Anything else you would like to add here about RTCW?

Q. A non-related question: Do you play any instruments, if so, what? šŸ˜€
I have an acoustic guitar, which I bought a long time ago. I’m trying to learn how to play it, but I do not spent much time to training and practice. I hope that in one fine day I will able to play something normal, what numans call music.

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