RealRTCW – Realism Mod 2.1 update.


2.Shotgun from Wolftactics mod

Yes, everyone was asking for this, and thanks to v00id we have this beast in the RTCW single player. Check it out below:

3.Custom maps support

Including Trondheim (3 parts), Time Gate, Project 51, Capuzzo, Stalingrad and Pharao’s Curse. (maybe more will be added later)

I’m trying not to just add new weapons, but rebuild this addons. Ammount of work depends on each addon. Stalingrad for example includes custom soundtrack, new voices for both Axis and Soviets, new menu, loading screens and new storyline (lmao). It was pain in the ass but it is ready. Time Gate is easier, but ai. files are still a bit messy. Now I am finishing Time Gate and slowly switching to the Trondheim and Project 51. Check out Stalingrad and Iron Cross gameplay below:

Stalingrad Gameplay:

Iron Cross Gameplay:

4. Overhauled menu

You may noticed new menu. Just decided to give it some love. Inspired by CoD2 menus. Every addon will have custom menu ofc. Fixed some nasty bugs btw. New font was implemented as well.

This is it for now! Of course there is a lot of minor changes, but there is no point to talk about them I think. Everything will be written in the changelog.


For now my time is limited, because of the real life stuff. But I intend to release RealRTCW 2.1 somewhere in the summer of 2017. Can’t promise anything,though.



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