Ronboy’s Youtube 200 Subscriber Special Poll!


If you all haven’t noticed already, Ronboy has reached 200 subscribers on Youtube! Despite this milestone being reached about 2 months ago (He’s quite late, in other words) :). He would like to celebrate this occasion by advertising a poll for his 200 subscriber special.

If you remember when he first reached 100 subscribers around this time of last year, @ronboy advertised a poll on various websites for his 100 subscriber special. Return to Castle Wolfenstein won this poll, but Ronboy didn’t advertise the poll to Youtube. Therefore, it was rather unfair for the other games that participated in the poll. So this time, with the remarkable help of William (@titeuf85) and Cody Fleming (@crazymancody895), Ronboy put together an advertisement video for the poll of my 200 subscriber special. You can watch it below.

The poll is simple; just choose which game that you would like to see Ronboy play the vanilla (original) SP campaign for. Starting today, the poll will remain active for a period of 1 month. This should give you all plenty of time to vote, so that hopefully most of Ronboy’s followers will not be left out. The poll’s link is below.

Poll Link:

What are you waiting for? Go and vote! And once again, Ronboy would like to thank you all for helping him to reach this milestone. In about a year, Ronboy gained about 100 subscribers, which is impressive for a small Youtube channel such as his.

Source: Ronboy Productions