RtCW Celeberation News


On Nov 19, we’ll be celebrating the 17th anniversary of #ReturnToCastleWolfenstein

The online movie celebration show will be airing live from 85 Production YouTube channel. Supported by WolfWatch.

We’ll be using the hashtag #RTCW17.

Not only paying tribute to the 2001 legendary game #RTCW™, but also and more importantly to industry icon Drew Markham (the director of the game itself, who has unfortunately passed away on May 6, at 59, #RTCW17 is a complete throwback in time for nostalgic fans of the series!


This nice video was made by @titeuf85 from 85 Productions!

This is what you can also expect:

★ Early promotional footage of the game, pictures and interviews!

★ Thoughts of the past and current players, mappers and modders!

★ Exclusive trailers of future maps and mods of the game!

★ Commentary by game character “Karl Villigut”!


There are also an Facebook Event page, so make sure you add yourself to the event. Click THIS LINK



If you have played this game in the past, or you’re still actively playing it, and want your thoughts and fond memories to be featured during the event?

Send us your overwhelming message to the game, at officialtiteuf@gmail.com, or directly via: [COMING SOON].

Time limit for sending your message is:  Nov 12, 2018.

If you are a mapper and/or modder, actively working your own future maps and/or mods, and want your projects to be featured in a trailer and/or pictures during the event?

Send us your trailer and/or gameplay video(s), image(s)… and it will be showcased in the livestream! If you don’t want (or don’t have time or means) to record a trailer and/or gameplay footage, but still want your project to be featured in our event, then you can still send-us your project and we’ll create the trailer/video footage for you, following your own directives!

Time limit for sending trailer(s): Nov 12, 2018.
[NO TRAILER?] Time limit for sending project(s): Nov 5, 2018.

*Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory projects are allowed.



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Source: 85 Productions