RTCWCOOP 1.0.2 has been released

Add Ons RTCW

MAN-AT-ARMS has just released RTCWCOOP 1.0.2

Download it HERE

From changelog:

1.0.2 Release

  • Change default build options
  • Add Aspect Correction to HUD Options menu (cg_fixedAspect)
  • Remove redundant g_skipcutscenes in g_local.h
  • Use grey-white for armor and good health values
  • Fix some HUD items coloring / alpha
  • Just load the ingame leave menu from MP directly
  • Remove unneeded UI_SetScreenPlacement
  • Some more menu fixes
  • Fix a couple compiler warnings
  • Fix applying changes from ingame system menu / Remove ‘Set Recommended’
  • Add light blooms selection from system menus


A full changelog, can be found here.

Source: RTCWCOOP Website