Battalion 1944 – Early Access Trailer 2018

World War 2 multiplayer FPS Battalion 1944 will be coming to Early Access on February 1st!

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Source: Bulkhead Interactive on Youtube


Update from Battalion 1944

Developers of Battalion 1944 Multiplayer game, posted an update on their Facebook about weapon and their view model positions.

Here they explain abit about it:

“Battalion 1944 let’s players change their viewmodel position! 
We think it’s important for a competitive game to give players the tools to play the game the way they want to play.

Players can also change between the weapon being held by the left or right hand, as well as being able to toggle weapon scaling on and off. Every weapon is different, so we also gave you the ability to change the position per weapon!

Changing your weapon position to the position you find most comfortable gives you no competitive advantage, but it makes Battalion 1944’s movement feel tailored to you!”

Battalion 1944 is coming soon to Steam Early Access, releasing in early 2018, add us to your wishlist!



Source: Battalion 1944 thru Facebook