Return to Castle Wolfenstein – Cooperative Mod – Version 1.0.2

MAN-AT-ARMS has released a new version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein – Cooperative Mod. There are versions available for “Windows”, “Linux” and “Mac”.

It’s time, once again, for you and your “RtCW” buddies to return to Castle Wolfenstein, but this time you’re not alone, you can fight against all your deadly enemies side by side. Several custom “RtCW” missions are available now too.

Download the Windows versions HERE

Download the Linux versions HERE

Download the Mac version HERE

RtCW Cooperative Mod website HERE

Source: Splatterladder

RTCWCOOP 1.0.2 has been released

MAN-AT-ARMS has just released RTCWCOOP 1.0.2

Download it HERE

From changelog:

1.0.2 Release

  • Change default build options
  • Add Aspect Correction to HUD Options menu (cg_fixedAspect)
  • Remove redundant g_skipcutscenes in g_local.h
  • Use grey-white for armor and good health values
  • Fix some HUD items coloring / alpha
  • Just load the ingame leave menu from MP directly
  • Remove unneeded UI_SetScreenPlacement
  • Some more menu fixes
  • Fix a couple compiler warnings
  • Fix applying changes from ingame system menu / Remove ‘Set Recommended’
  • Add light blooms selection from system menus


A full changelog, can be found here.

Source: RTCWCOOP Website