What new guns you would like to see in RtCW Remake mod?


Developers of the RtCW Remake Mod is currently editing the game source, Remake Mod Beta 2 and it will have many changes in the gameplay.

So now, they are asking YOU, what kind of weapons would you like to see in the Remake Mod?

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New Rtcw Remake Mod Video Uploaded – New FG42 HD Model!

Some days ago, the RTCW Remake Mod authors uploaded a new video that showcases a new HD model for the FG42!

You can watch it below.

Let’s continue to look forward to beta 2.0 of the Rtcw Remake Mod!

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RTCW Remake Mod Team Needs Help – Programmers Wanted!

The RTCW Remake Mod dev team posted a “help wanted” request! They need programmers in order to improve the mod by adding new features and other tasks. If you know how to work with RTCW’s code, then don’t hesitate to contact the mod’s team to help them. You can contact them on the mod’s official Mod DB page below.

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RTCW Remake Mod

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