Ronboy has uploaded COD2 SP Videos

Ronboy has recorded and uploaded playthroughs of COD2 SP releases called Sealion (Day of Infamy), Normandy Campaign (Version 1.0), The Desert, 5togo and Chrizz’s Map! 

Below is the playthroughs by Ronboy.

COD2 SP | Sealion – Day of Infamy

COD2 SP | Normandy Campaign (Version 1.0) – Level 1

COD2 SP | Normandy Campaign (Version 1.0) – Level 2

COD2 SP | Normandy Campaign (Version 1.0) – Level 3 (Final)

COD2 SP | The Desert

COD2 SP | 5togo


COD2 SP | Chrizz’s Map

Source: Ronboy Productions

New RtCW SP Maps released for public testing – Green Forest and Airbase

Dialog of RtCW community has released two maps for public testing.




[Download not found]

New RealRtCW Videos Uploaded – Tatiana Plays RealStalingrad!

Tatiana has uploaded a playthrough for the RealRTCW Realism Mod addon called RealStalingrad!

Watch the videos below:

Note: RealStalingrad, if you didn’t know, is a much improved version of the Rtcw SP addon called Stalingrad, that runs in conjunction with the RealRTCW Realism Mod by WolfETPlayer.