Trackbase – Map of the year 2017 (pre-voting)

Trackbase has started a map pre-voting for Enemy Territory, the best map of the year 2017. Many maps has been added to their database,  so there’s a quite big chance that a “newcomer map” could win the trophy this year!

Here’s from the last years vote.

Everyone can suggest several maps, though not more than 3 would be good, since we only want to get the MOST LOVED ones. 😉
So, where did you make the most frags or where did you win the map the most? It’s your opinion, and based on that, we want to elect the “Map Of The Year 2017” (MOTY17). 


How can I participate?
You can post your most favorite map in this thread. Don’t be afraid of posting if someone already posted that map, since they want to pre-elect the most voted maps on the forum and will start another, final voting in two weeks.

How long do I have time?
The pre-voting phase starts now and ends at 24-12-17 23:59:59 UTC+1. Posts after that won’t be counted.

I don’t have a TB account but still want to participate. How can I do that?
Well, since not all of you may have a TB account, they wanted to give you a chance to vote as well.
They’re posting on our FacebookTwitter & Google+ page about this as well.
With the hashtag #TBMOTY17Pre you can participate. Just name the map in your post and add the hashtag.

Why should I participate?
Well, since that’s a serious question, here’s a quick and teasing answer:
Just as last year, they’re giving away 2x 150 TBP (1x pre-vote, 1x final vote) for two lucky randomly-picked winners.
Anyone can win. Even the participants using the social media hashtag.(#TBMOTY17Pre)


So, head over to Trackbase forums and make your vote!


Source: JoNny – Trackbase 





Enemy Territory Lua Client Preview

Over the past few months there has been some development on a new ET client. As of now its a work in progress client and will be subject to change and updates over the next few months.

Right now the client fully supports lua and has a lot of settings you can tweak and change.
Our biggest accomplishment so far with this client is that we are able to fully support ETpro 3.2.6 without any problems.

Mod support(tested):
Silent 0.8.2+
ETpro 3.2.6(non punkbuster)
Jaymod 2.2.0 ( also supports F|A Servers )
Nitmod 2.3.1

I will post the lua script that we have made so you can get a general idea of what can be capable with this client. As of now its private and will be released soon with full feature and api wiki.

Heres a small video showing it working.

If anyone is interested in testing it out privately and/or help make scripts for it feel free to get in contact with DRiVJ on Trackbase.

Source: Trackbase