RealRTCW 2.2 Update

WolfETPlayer has released some more info about the status for the upcoming RealRTCW update.

New Shotgun

Thanks to the ryven from Splash Damage forums, RealRTCW 2.2 shotgun will have unique reloading mechanic ported straight from the Jaymod for Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. BJ will now reload one shell at the time, and will be able to interrupt reloading. Also shotgun will have the new model, ported from Jaymod as well. You can see results on this video:

New FG-42

You probably already saw the model I was able to port from original Call of Duty. Looking pretty good so far. And if it will not ruin the balance, I will keep it in full auto mode.

New eject brass effect

I was able to port this new effect from the Enemy Territory source code as well. The vectors of flying shells was changed. You can also hear the noise of the falling shells. It depends on the surface: wood,stone, etc.

Overhauled difficulty system

Balance and difficulty was always something I was trying to improve while WolfETPlayer was creating this mod. Unfortunately vanilla RTCW difficulty system is not very flexible. Generally it only affects ammount of health/ammo you pickup from the various sources.

Also many people were claiming that RealRTCW is too difficult. And partially it’s true. RealRTCW has some very unfair difficulty spikes (church, trainyard levels for example). So he decided to domething about this situation.

I) Max health value now depends on difficulty level:

  1. Easy = 100
  2. Medium = 100
  3. Hard = 75
  4. Death Incarnate = 50

II) Same goes for the max ammo capacity(9mm for example):

  1. Easy = 400
  2. Medium = 300
  3. Hard = 200
  4. Death Incarnate = 180

III)Separate .ai files for the different difficulty levels.

Now, enemies accuracy, aim skill, reaction time, and health will depend on the difficulty level you choose. Same goes for the player loadout on the start of the chapter.

IV)Separate AI/player weapon damage ported to iortcw from 1.42d.

This will allow to reduce for example K98k damage coming from AI from 35 to 20, while keeping the player damage at 35.

Basically this new difficulty system allows me to satisfy both new and experienced players. New players can choose easy/medium difficulty levels and simply enjoy the game without being killed by every soldier, while veteran players can take the challenge and play on the Death Incarnate. The new difficulty system will apply to the custom maps as well.

Source: RealRTCW on MODDB – WolfETPlayer

RealRTCW – Reinforcements on the way!



-WolfETPlayer has released some news about upcoming content.

This is what he had to say:

It’s been almost 5 months since the release of RealRTCW 2.1. I recieved a lot of valuable feedback since then. This will help me to further improve and expand RealRTCW. Now, let’s talk about upcoming content.

Custom maps

Trondheim and Project 51 addons are still on their way. But list of the upcoming RealRTCW adapted custom maps has expanded:

  1. Operation Trondheim trilogy (WIP)
  2. Project 51 (WIP)
  3. Alone at War
  4. Arkot map pack
  5. Ghosts of War
  6. Hindenburg
  7. Pharao’s Curse

And more…

For now I decided to concentrate on this maps. You can expect new weapons, rebalanced AI, improved UI and sounds.

Arsenal is expanding!

I decided to improve the behaviour of the old weapons and add completely new ones.

There is no allied sniper rifle in RealRTCW, except top secret snooper rifle.

Now we have one – Scoped M1 Garand is coming! Scope thing is working just like with mauser – you need to pick up scoped rifle to attach scope to the rifle.

As you may know, sniper always need a reliable secondary weapon to defend himself in the close range. Now you have a Revolver – a slow but powerful pistol with 6 rounds.

You can watch gameplay with new weapons below.

Sadly, this is all, that I can tell you for now. Currently I’m experimenting with the various weapons, trying to make every single one of them unique and fun to use. Also there is a couple of new features, which I’m not ready to talk about. So you can expect more in the future articles!


The new version of RealRTCW will be released this year, along with the Trondheim trilogy and Project 51. No release date for other maps.



Source: WolfETPlayer – MODDB


New RealRTCW Realism Mod Addon Released – RealHiddenWolf!

WolfETPlayer has released yet another addon for his Rtcw SP mod called RealRTCW Realism Mod! This time, it’s the Rtcw SP levelpack called Hidden Wolf, which has been modified for RealRTCW 2.1. The changes to the levelpack include the addition of new weapons as well as rebalanced AI. You can download the addon below.


1)Make sure you have RealRTCW 2.1 installed.

2)Unzip RealHiddenWolf folder in your RTCW root directory

3)Launch RealRTCW 2.1

4)Click on mods and select RealHiddenWolf



    • New weapons
    • Rebalanced AI

Hidden Wolf

Source: Ronboy Productions