New ET Map: Blackmoon Raid b1 has been released

Moments ago, -)A(-WuTang** released a new objectives map called Blackmoon Raid b1.

He started working on at the start of November 2017, and was planned to release it at Christmas. In his own words, he was too lazy and slow to release it for christmas. 😆 

Mateos made some nice bot files for this map and they are packed in the download with the map.


– Escort the Tank through village and blow up Defense Gate.
– Dynamite the Generator.

– Construct Tank Barrier.
– Defend


Here some screenshots from the map:



You can download the map with waypoints below
Blackmoon Raid B1

From the readme – file: 

Textures were downloaded from free websites, or made by WuTangH.
Models: conife_trees, wall_lamp, and chandelier were made by WuTangH.
Thanks to C from UJE Clan for their prefab generator.

Few good people to mention:
UJE-Niek and his clan for testing the map before release,
Kemon, TWT-Thunder, Ray from WolfWatch, mr.Ronboy..
=== Big thanks to Mateos for Omnibot waypoints. ===


Here’s also WuTangH’s first objective map Thud In The Sand (tits)  Beta 2.


Source: WuTangH thru Discord | Splashdamage





Coniferous trees (md3 models)







WuTangH from TheWolfTeam has made three (pinetree?)  md3 models for mappers to use.

You can download them HERE 

conife_tree_gr – healthy green tree
conife_tree_dry – not so healthy green tree
conife_tree_sn – snowy tree

Includes shader file, which is used on screenshots, too.


Additional download link HERE

There are also alot of sources to download from TheWolfTeam, but currently mostly for W:ET.

TheWolfTeam Download Section

Source: WuTangH | TheWolfteam