The Dark Army: Q&A Interview with WolfWatch

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“A battle of revenges”

  • What can you tell us about B.J. in this episode?

In this continuation, B.J. Blazkowicz is tired of war, but more importantly he’s bent on revenge on a new antagonist. You may have seen that, in this second part, B.J. is going to team up with Deathshead against “a common enemy”, with the fate of the Kreisau Circle at stake. The casual B.J. would have never accepted such a truce, but his thirst for revenge against this “familiar face” is probably one of the reasons that led him to make such a terrible decision. However this new enemy is himself bent on revenge. Thus there’s going to be what we could call a ‘battle of revenges’ between B.J. and that mysterious character! However you’ll need to figure that out in-game. In The Dark Army: Downfall just like in The Dark Army: Uprising, B.J. is voiced by the very-talented Matthew Simmons (MegapiemanPHD). For this new episode, we decided to give B.J. a slightly louder voice, and Matthew dealt with it like a pro. He did an excellent job. The reason behind this is mainly to get closer to the voice of this character in current episodes of the Wolfenstein franchise. In The Dark Army: Downfall, B.J. believes that his new mission is going to be his last, and is afraid of the outcome, as he knows something the others ignore.

“Kessler […] is the leader of the German resistance”

  • Any word to say on the other characters?

This question has been asked many times: will Karl von Starke, the master in torture who was introduced during the fourth mission of The Dark Army: Uprising, make a return in The Dark Army: Downfall? The answer is yes. Karl von Starke has always been meant to play a great role in The Dark Army. He’s not going to be the main antagonist, but his true personality will be revealed in this second part, especially his relation with the mysterious new antagonist. When both Deathshead and him were voiced by Carl Brooks in The Dark Army: Uprising, they will be voiced by the awesome Evan Kapantais in The Dark Army: Downfall, who is also going to voice act “something” nightmarish in this sequel. The Dark Army: Downfall will also have more returning characters; from both Return To Castle Wolfenstein and The Dark Army: Uprising. Kessler, only-mentioned in The Dark Army: Uprising, will make his physical return in The Dark Army: Downfall, and will be voiced by the amazing Max Huggins (TheRenegadist), who already did an amazing job with Jack Stone, and its radio calls in the prequel. Speaking of Jack, he will not be seen much in The Dark Army: Downfall, however he’s meant to play a key role in the biggest plot twist of the story. That apart, it doesn’t mean the radio calls, which were prominent in The Dark Army: Uprising, will not be present in The Dark Army: Downfall: Kessler is going to take care of this part. The radio-call feature of the first part has been very acclaimed and we understand it, so don’t worry. To conclude on Kessler, just know that, in The Dark Army: Downfall, he is the leader of the German resistance, the Kreisau Circle, in Wulfburg at least. That’s right: Wulfburg is going to be a location in this sequel. If Kessler were to defend Wulfburg, just know that he will not hesitate to take the big guns to do his job… Finally, I’d like to specify that the many NPCs of The Dark Army: Downfall will have their own voices. Yes indeed: Cody Fleming (crazymancody895), shown an outstanding performance as to make the voices of the Nazis. If we were in 2001, he could very well be hired by Gray Matter Inc. to voice some enemy soldiers in the original game! Joke apart, Cody Fleming also did an excellent job for something related to The Dark Army: Uprising, which we will talk about in due time. To conclude on Cody’s work, know that he will be voicing Karl Villigut, who is going to make a short return in The Dark Army: Downfall.

“Revenge is everywhere”

  • Anything to say about the new characters, such as that main antagonist?

The new main antagonist will be a “familiar face”, bent on revenge. B.J. will also be bent on revenge against him, for some reason. Revenge is everywhere. Both sides want to get revenge on each other. Karl von Starke will have a peculiar relation with this new antagonist. More importantly, Deathshead will also want revenge on this individual. You see it now, the battle of revenges? Revenge is everywhere in The Dark Army: Downfall. This new character is voiced by the wonderful Tony Cole-Cocking, who recently joined the project, and who already did some excellent work! You may have guessed it by now: this new antagonist is indeed the leader of the mercenary group behind the attack on Deathshead’s base at the end of The Dark Army: Uprising.


“Both surprising and terrifying”

  • How did you get the paranormal-horror genre fit into your story?

As announced months ago indeed, The Dark Army: Downfall will have paranormal-horror elements. It means it will be both surprising and terrifying at some points. Some elements may not find explanation, and the player will have to find one himself. The nightmarish “something” that Evan Kapantais will be voicing is one of these elements, which will be at the core of the story. Having such elements fit into the story wasn’t difficult: the lore of Wolfenstein itself is mostly made of sci-fi and horror stuff, despite featuring many WWII elements.