The Dark Army: Q&A Interview with WolfWatch

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“Downfall will have weather effects”

  • How will the immersion be managed in this new episode?

Evan Kapantais, who recently joined the project to voice Deathshead, Karl von Starke and the nightmarish “thing”… will also be the sound designer of this sequel. Many exciting things are to come, given his amazing talent. Many of the original game’s sounds will be “remade/remastered”, for example. We want to reinforce the player’s immersion with high-quality sounds, while keeping the Wolfenstein franchise’s spirit, and Evan Kapantais fits this role perfectly. To reinforce immersion, The Dark Army: Downfall will make use of photorealistic textures, coupled with the many visual functionalities of Donny Springer’s iortcw engine, which RealRTCW 2.1 uses as a base. High-quality sounds and textures confirmed! What to ask more for total immersion? Oh yeah, wait, that’s not all… The Dark Army: Downfall will have weather effects! And it’s not long before you see these in action!

“Downfall is going to have an epic soundtrack”

  • Is it true that The Dark Army: Downfall will have its own soundtrack?

Yes, it is. Back in May, Charly Jouglet (DjentlemanG) agreed to join the project and bring his talent and expertise to the project. Given his past with French metal bands but also with video-game content, we’re glad to have him on-board. We’ve already spoken about our goals in terms of music for The Dark Army: Downfall. He exactly knows what we’re seeking and that’s awesome. Everything in hands, he recently started to work on it. The Dark Army: Downfall is going to have an epic soundtrack, inspired by famous bands such as Two Steps From Hell, which remains Charly’s main inspiration for epic music.

“It will not be released until it’s 200% ready”

  • How is development making progress with all the side projects you’re working on?

The Dark Army: Downfall, although it started pre-development back in 2014, officially entered development late 2016. Until February of this year, it received continuous work, despite the release of its prequel in December 2016. Work was slower-ed voluntarily in February for reasons you may already know: catch our breath, work on the upcoming RTCWCOOP Anniversary Upgrade (which is coming October 5) as well as something related to The Dark Army: Uprising. Now the upgrade’s development is 99% complete and will be released in time for October 5, as announced in April. As for the “something” related to The Dark Army: Uprising… Well, it’s on the good way too. Now we slowly get back to work on The Dark Army: Downfall, with new collaborators who joined the project while it was on-hold. Things are going to get faster now, mainly because a schedule will be established, which all collaborators will be invited to follow. Everything will be done right, in order, in time. More importantly, with The Dark Army: Downfall, we don’t want to rush things as we did with The Dark Army: Uprising. We’ve learned a lot. That’s why there’s no major deadline. There are deadlines, for the voice acting, mapping… but not for the project in any way. It will not be released until it’s 200% ready.