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“The Dark Army: Downfall is back”

  • What can we expect in the future?

The Dark Army: Downfall, as you may have guessed by now, will not be released this year. We don’t know when it will be released. It may take quite some time, but it’s all for the better. You should also note that we work on others’ projects, such as the promising Castle Wewelsburg by Ronboy Productions, and we’re yet to work on RTCW Remake ModET: Legacy, a secret project… Also, the saying these days is: personal life goes first. This is a philosophy as developers, players: The Dark Army: Downfall is a project developed in the background of our respective and personal lives, only during free time, without spending -too much- money in it. It doesn’t mean however that you’ll not hear about the project. The Dark Army: Downfall is back. It is, as of this month. Thus it’s time for something big, to celebrate: a new short teaser will be published on Monday (August 21). This will not just be a teaser. It’s been six months since the one-minute reveal teaser, and we understand how thirsty you players are. A big surprise, related to The Dark Army: Uprising, along with the teaser, is to expect!

“It’s going to make it for the October 5 release”

  • Will this upgrade be compatible with the next version of RTCWCOOP?

First of all, you should know that the upcoming upgrade’s development is 99% complete. A few things left here and there to fix. It’s going to make it for the October 5 release. Also, it’s not called 5th Anniversary Upgrade anymore, but just Anniversary Upgrade. Now to answer your question: yes, the upgrade has been tested on the latest prototype of the next version of RTCWCOOP and it proved compatible indeed.

“The weekly walkthrough may start before release”

  • Back in April, you announced that you will be making a weekly walkthrough of RTCWCOOP feat. the Anniversary Upgrade, on YouTube… Is such an idea still alive?

We’re yet to record the first episode, but it is still planned. The weekly walkthrough may start before release, which will be on October 5.

No French version on the way”

  • Can we expect a French version in the future?

At the end of last year, we had this idea of making a French version of the mod (text only, with subtitles for the English dialogues). We agreed on the fact that if we did a French version, it would need to have subtitles for the dialogues, otherwise having just the menus and the texts being translated would be pointless, although we knew how many French people play The Dark Army: Uprising. However, just before the release of RealRTCW 2.1 earlier this year, WolfETPlayer told us that the subtitles feature will not ever be implemented in the engine. So yeah: sorry, but no French version on the way, not this year at least.

  • Is a new version, a patch, on the way? It’s been a long time…


  • Is such hesitation related to the Uprising-related surprise of the upcoming Downfall teaser?

Who knows… Only time will tell, as they say! However, trust-me when I say that the best is still yet to come regarding The Dark Army: Uprising!


To conclude this Q&A Interview, below is an unreleased talk, from 2015, with three of the voice actors of The Dark Army: UprisingMatthew SimmonsMax Huggins and Carl Brooks!

  • How did you come to work on such a project?

Matthew SimmonsI found a post about it on

Carl Brooks: I was refereed by a friend.

Max HugginsPeople think that you have to be a 100% professional voice actor in order to get into these kinds of games but really the Mod DB community makes it easy for people to get started. All it takes is a good microphone and your good to go. Granted the person looking for the actor needs to approve of your voice but getting your foot in the door isn’t as hard as it used to be. I basically commented on a media post and a day later I got a PM from 85 Prøductions giving me a list of requirements. I sent a demo of me just talking about my interest in the mod and the weather and he got back the same day and it excelled from there. If there’s anything I can say to new VA’s out there, get your foot in the door. Even if you think you’re no good at least try it. I first started out a few years ago with a bad mic and terrible acting skills and now because I tried and kept at it I’m now in some of the best hyped mods on Mod DB as well as a couple Steam game releases. Put the effort in and eventually you will get the effort back.

  • What do you think about the character(s) you voice acted?

Matthew SimmonsIt was great to get the chance to voice a iconic and historic character like B.J. Blazkowicz. I hope it does a decent job of combining his old voice and new voice from The New Order.

Carl Brooks: I think they’re horrible people. They should plant trees instead of murdering.

Max HugginsTo begin I’d like to give a big thanks to Tony Jay and James Alcroft who’s original voices made the OSA Director and Jack really pop in the Return To Castle Wolfenstein game, no one, and I mean no one, can replace the sheer amount of talent displayed in that game from those two actors. Starting off there isn’t much known about the OSA Director, he only appeared a couple of times in Return To Castle Wolfenstein and only appears once in The Dark Army: Uprising so my opinion of him is neutral. I do have to say that voicing him was extremely hard due to the fact that the original OSA Director was voiced by Tony Jay and due to his unique voice I found it hard to emulate. Even though I won’t sound exactly like him it was still fun voicing the man in charge of everything B.J. did so I got a kick out of doing that. Jack Stone is an entirely new argument, in the original Return To Castle Wolfenstein he served as someone who was very informed on the situation with the Nazis and passed any new information onto the OSA Director but this was as far as his character ever got. In The Dark Army: Uprising, his character is completely expanded upon, we learn that Jack had a large military career before settling down into the OSA and due to that he knows when something needs to be done including when to take a life. If the players thought Jack was a flat side character in Return To Castle Wolfenstein, they will soon change their mind in The Dark Army: Uprising.

  • Are you satisfied of what you’ve accomplished?

Matthew SimmonsYeah for the most part. Nothing I specifically don’t like.

Carl Brooks: Yes.

Max HugginsYou bet, I’ve stayed up long parts of the night getting these lines to sound just perfect and I’ve had to wake up at the earliest times in the morning just because my voice sounds best early in the day. This was one of the longest projects I’ve worked on and overall I think it turned out great (even though it’s really surreal to hear your voice in-game).

  • Have you ever played any Wolfenstein game before?

Matthew SimmonsI’ve only played Wolfenstein 3D and Wolfenstein: The New Order so it’s hard to say anything about Return To Castle Wolfenstein. The dev’s been very dedicated to the project though and did a great job communicating what he wanted me to do.

Carl Brooks: I’ve actually only played Wolfenstein 3D when it was somewhat “a new game”. Admittedly, I’m very unfamiliar with what’s been done to the franchise since.

Max Huggins: I’ve been obsessed with the Wolfenstein franchise ever since I first played Wolfenstein 3D on my parents old NES system.

  • What do you think about the project, the developer?

Max HugginsFrom everything I’ve seen (and voice acted) this mod is going to be fantastic and I have no doubts it will blow everyone’s minds away. The developer himself is a great guy to work with, he never treats you like garbage and is always willing to work with you to better the script or to mold the character he envisioned so many years back. He is very lenient and he knows that voice acting requires hard work and tons of time and he shows that often. If anyone is interested in voice acting I’d start with 85 Prøductions, even if you aren’t accepted he will walk through the process of why you weren’t accepted and will help you to fix the problems and even get a second chance.


  • Did you work under good conditions?

Matthew SimmonsYes.

Carl Brooks: It gets a little hot cause it’s summer and the A/C isn’t cranked to produce excess noise. I’d say I’m pretty secure.

Max HugginsAbsolutely, I’m being honest when I say that this was one of the most organized and most professional projects I’ve ever worked on. Starting off William is a very talented game designer, I mean heck, he built the entire The Dark Army by himself and it took several years of dedication and hard work which will definitely be worth it. Not only is he professional and dedicated but he’s an overall nice guy, a guy that you’d invite over for dinner with the family (if he wasn’t all the way in France) and never rushed anything or got on you. Even though we had a deadline for our lines he never got on us to hurry up, he was very lenient for changing the lines to match the character and gave us plenty of time to get everything just right. I will definitely be sticking around for the sequel and I implore anyone who is trying to voice act, don’t be afraid to apply to any future projects that 85 Prøductions is involved in, they are great and will openly take anyone seeking to voice act or they will politely decline the application and walk you through the parts that didn’t fit with the project. You will never get a door slammed in your face with 85 Prøductions!

  • Did you voice act for any modification before?

Matthew SimmonsI’ve done a few. One of my first gigs was voice some of the units in C&C: Red Alert 2Mental Omega. I’ve also worked on Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim mods such as Helgen Reborn and got the pleasure of voicing Prophet for the Nuclear Cataclysm Crysis mod.

Carl Brooks: I have not but I have voiced in Indie released games available on Steam.

Max HugginsPlenty even though none of them are out yet, this was my second latest project and I am excited to see my work finally being released for the first time. Other projects I’ve worked on include Lost Squad (Steam release), They Hunger Again (Steam; Standalone release), Project Zombie Reality 2014(Battlefield 2), Dane Chronicles (Half-Life 2), and The Dark Army: Uprising. Other projects not listed here, which are about three of them, are because it’s still being finalized or it’s because they haven’t gotten back to me yet. I still plan on working with a ton of other projects once I see them appear on Mod DB.

  • What can you say about the story?

Matthew SimmonsBullets will be shot and Nazis will die.

Max HugginsThe Dark Army: Uprising takes place after Wolfenstein (2009) ended with Deathshead’s Zeppelin crashing down and continues once the OSA learns that the Nazis are working on a new bio-mechanical experiment using the Dark Relic to fuel Deathshead’s new army. B.J. is once again called to stop the Nazis before they can bring about the New Order, fighting familiar and new faces alongside familiar allies. As far as the rest of the story goes, you have to play to find out!

  • Any last words?

Matthew SimmonsIt was a lot of fun working on Uprising and I hope people enjoy playing it! 😀

Carl Brooks: Row row. Fight the power!

Max HugginsShaken not Stirred.

That’s already the end of this Q&A Interview in partnership with WolfWatch. We sincerely hope that you liked it. Remember to mark your calendars to not miss the upcoming new teaser of The Dark Army: Downfall, which will also feature a big surprise related to The Dark Army: Uprising. Stay-tuned to WolfWatch for endless Wolfenstein-related news. Thanks to WolfWatch for sponsoring this interview.

Thanks to everyone of you, on Mod DB and beyond, for your continued support towards both The Dark Army: Downfall and its prequel, The Dark Army: Uprising. In case you haven’t watched it yet, you can watch the reveal teaser of the mod right below!

Reveal Teaser (1) Reveal Teaser (2)

Reveal Teaser (3) Reveal Teaser (4)

Source: 85 Prøductions on MODDB