Trackbase ET Map Competition

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Finally, yesterday the competition was over and we could announce the winners and participants of the contest.

I can say, it was not easy to evaluate and vote for the maps !

Of eight leveldesigners who in January joined the competition, four of them submitted a map for the competition.

But these “only” four leveldesigners, delivered really nice quality maps, to say the least. A big thank you to them for their time and hard work!

So below is the winners and participants of the competition. You may download and use their maps on your server, but remember to read the readme file.


Macchute – Blackwood B2

[Download not found]


Kemon – Stiglitz B1

Stiglitz_b1 (47 downloads)


WuTangH – Lays Of Schwarzwald

Lays Of Schwarzwald_B1 (42 downloads)






4th: Loffy – Amazing Bank

Amazing Bank_v1 (37 downloads)



Thank you #macchute #loffy #kemon #wutang for your maps to the ET Community and congratz again!

Also big thank you to JoNny on Trackbase and Thunder on The Wolfteam for organizing this competition!