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This was Loffy’s map in the Trackbase Map Competition and this was a slightly different than the others.

Nevertheless, this map is also nice and fun playing objective with alot of players on both teams.

Loffy has also made maps before which I belive can be found on Splashdamage forums or Wolffiles.


Map Information:

The Axis are attacking with the overall aim to steal the Gold from inside the Allied Amazing Bank.

Objective 1: Capture the Gate Flag.
Objective 2: Dynamite/protect the Gate.
Objective 3: Capture the Bank Flag.
Objective 4: Dynamite/protect the Bank.
Objective 5: Steal/protect the Gold.
Objective 6: Construct the Command Post.
(There is also a ramp and a dynamitable side-route to the bank.)


Author : Kent “Loffy” Lofgren, Sweden
Game : Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Map Title : Amazing Bank (version 1)
Filename : amazing_bank_v1.pk3
Date : Augusti 31, 2018
Decription : Custom map for Enemy Territory.
Editor : Gtk Radiant 1.6
(-light -fast -samples 2 -filter -bounce 1 -external -lightmapsize 512)


How to install and play this map:

Place the file amazing_bank_v1.pk3 in your etmain folder, select it from the Host Game-menu or
bring down the console and type: /map amazing_bank_v1 (then ENTER).

Special thanks and Credits to:

I want to thank all server admins, who constantly support and host custom maps.
I also want to thank all the people who have given their input to me. Big thanks!

Map files/no copyright:

The .map-file is included (which can be used in a map editor, to change or expand the map).
This map, and all its map files (including the .map file) is in the public domain.
No intellectual property rights apply. You may include or distribute this map in any way, without permission from the author. You may can mass distribute it via any means.
In summary, you may redo/reproduce/update/change this map in ANY WAY, and distribute your new version, without ANY permission from me.

Unfortunatly, there is no screenshots to display.

Amazing Bank_v1 (35 downloads)

Source: Loffy