W:ET Masterlist hacking and redirect fix for players 1.0.0

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Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory has been messed up lately with master list redirect and hacking issues. In order to stop it, please download the ET.exe and replace your current one. 


You will be able to play ETPRO with this one. 



1. Download the file.

2. Replace your current et.exe or ET.exe with new ET.exe


Please share this file to all your friends and ask them to patch their ET with this one. Please report on forums for any issues, if any.




New patch will also stop players redirecting from fake ET redirect servers. It’s about time we focus towards good gaming experience for all new ET players. 

If any new issues, we might try to fix that as well or revert back or provide complete new patch.


Author of this file is daredevil.


File Download Below


ET Masterlist hacking and redirect fix for players (115 downloads)


Thanks to @hellreturn for sharing this news!