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Blade of Agony | Chapter 2 released


We did it! After polishing the second chapter of Blade of Agony for the past 3 weeks we are here to proudly present the release of “Shadows of the Reich, an all new episode that directly connects where the thrilling action and plot ended in “The Staff of Kings”, which is also included in the release with a lot of improvements and additional surprises. So what’s new?



  • High-resolution sprites for all actors (monster,npc; not only upscale, real detail) as well as completely new enemies
  • A total of 11 new maps (as well as all maps from chapter 1)
  • Improved effects and features (dialogue screen, npc ai, doors, cutscenes, skins, models)
  • Introducing GZDoom’s latest new engine features (ambient occlusion, lense distortion, shadow maps, bloom effect)
  • Exciting and interactive plot with a lot of surprises

…and that’s only a fraction of all the things to come. Don’t waste any more time, get psyched, get “Shadows of the Reich” just now!

Check out the videoclip HERE

Blade of Agony | Chapter 2 (v2.0, standalone)

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