Call of Duty 2020 Vietnam leaks seemingly confirmed

Call of Duty 2020 Vietnam leaks seemingly confirmed website has posted on their website, rumours on the upcoming new Call Of Duty game. As the subject indicates, it is possibly titled Call of Duty: Vietnam.

These rumours was, according to Dexerto website, confirmed by a prominent video game journalist.

Leaks about the 2020 Call of Duty title suggested the game would not be a reboot or a new installment to the Black Ops series, and now, Jason Schreier has appeared to confirm those rumors were accurate.

On Twitter, Schreier was asked about the likelihood of a Call of Duty game still releasing in 2020, despite ongoing world events and Treyarch taking over development from Sledgehammer Games.

“As of right now, it’s still planned for fall,” he revealed, but noted that things could change drastically in the coming months.

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