Dark-Alchemy W:ET Community is back!

Dark-Alchemy W:ET Community is back!

One of the most popular ET Communities, Dark Alchemy, has resurrected their community along with a new website and their W:ET server.

Dark Alchemy was founded by -)A(-Old-Owl back in 2005 with players that wanted to play only for fun and the community got very successful and popular by playing Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory Multiplayer Game.

Unfortunatly, the servers and website ran until March 31st, 2017, due to the decrease of players of Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory multiplayer game. It was indeed a hard decision, that was not made lightly, after so many years of dedication for the community.

The reason for resurrecting the community was the dedication and the desire from old members, that wanted to see this community and old friends play togheter, just to have fun and good laughs.

If you are an old W:ET player or a new one, go and visit them and play on their servers. Below the links for Dark-Alchemy ET Gaming Community

Dark Alchemy Website
Dark Alchemy Discord
Dark Alchemy Trackbase


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