Days Of War – Closed Beta Coming

Days Of War – Closed Beta Coming

Driven arts has released an announcement on Steam of their WW2 Multiplayer game Days Of War.

The first thing they announced, was about the game to be released in January 2020. Exact date is still to be open.

The scecond thing is, that they are having closed beta tests of the game that will be on November 22nd at 2pm EST (19:00 GMT).

If you want to join the closed beta tests, you can sign up for the beta at

If you already own the game you still need to sign up for the beta at the link above. If you already signed up for testing last year don’t worry you’re already at the top of the list. If you can’t make this one, there will be a second beta test on the Weekend of December 13th.

This first beta test is going to be very important to testing both client and server stability as well as gameplay, and they are look forward to getting your feedback. They´ve made a lot of changes over the last couple years, so please bear with them to iron out the kinks, as they´ve put it.

The beta tests are not under NDA, you do not need to own Days of War to participate, the tests will be held on a separate Steam app which you will access via Steam Key, and everything is subject to change.

Here´s a new trailer from Driven Arts and Days Of War in current state.


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