[ETL] Frostbite, by Moonkey

[ETL] Frostbite, by Moonkey

New overhaul of this map was posted by KeMoN on Splashdamage forum.

This overhaul is now closer to the original ‘Frostbite, by Moonkey’ again. The last public release was a bit too different and tried to push its own visual style with angled doorways onto the map, which is not ideal.


A convoy is about to make a shipment of supplies that could bolster Axis resistance in the region. The Allies must steal the Supply Documents and radio them back to Allied Command so the convoy can be intercepted in time.


to original:

  • The player is now able to stop and revert Storage Wall movement by activating the button again.
  • Alarm now also sounds when the Service Door has been dynamited before the Storage Wall and Main Door.
  • Structural mesh and VIS blocking has been improved.
  • Lighting has been adapted to better suit a night-time setting.
  • Collision has been improved for railings made out of patches.
  • Different routes inside the facility have received different colour coded trims at the bunker walls to simplify call-outs to teammates.
  • Banners have been removed.



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