ETL Ice, by id software (v3)

ETL Ice, by id software (v3)

Visual overhaul of ‘Ice, by id software’ in an attempt to improve the looks of an otherwise fantastic map…


The Axis try to get hold of documents left behind in a quickly abandoned fortress to radio them to the headquarters for safe-keeping.


to original:

  • Improved VO announcements.
  • As long as both Main Entrance and Side Wall are active VO is: “defend/destroy entrances”.
  • As soon as one has been breached VO is: “defend/destroy the side OR main entrance”.
  • Added VO announcements for active map objectives when joining a team.
  • Added VO announcements for the guardtower.
  • Added base alarm when the main entrance gets destroyed.
  • Added colour-coded guiding system intended to ease new players into the map.
  • Added ambient sounds.
  • Doors have been widened to allow for faster movement.
  • Visual changes have been made.

Source: KeMoN | Splashdamage


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