ET:Legacy Progress Update

ET:Legacy Progress Update

It has been a long time since I´ve posted something about ET and ET:Legacy.

Well, yesterday ET:Legacy team announced on their Discord Channel some of the progress they´ve done so far with ET:Legacy.

  • Fixed end of match stats not sent to non-following spectators.
  • Added /specuninvite command
  • Added specinvite status in /players command
  • Fixed logged out shoutcaster not unfollowing locked teams
  • Fixed taken objective disappear when shuffling without restart
  • Fixed set weapon position displayed incorrectly to followers
  • Fixed team class HP bonus at first spawn
  • Added dynamic maximum health computation (depending of medics count in team)
  • Fixed on team swap/move weapon selection was lost
  • Fixed on team move class selection was lost
  • Fixed weapon selection in limbo panel was lost on team selection (axis <-> allies)
  • Fixed empty name display in award list when awarded players disconnect early
  • Added nickname autocompletion and highlight with @ in messages (f.e. @nickname)
  • Fixed phantom bullet tracers
  • Added team chat for spectator team
  • Fixed chat maximum length in intermission
  • Added colour for simpleItem of currently used weapon
  • Added cg_etVersion info display in /players command
  • Fixed mortar hud marker from fieldops artillery call was missing
  • Fixed pins were not displayed on map loading and debriefing
  • Fixed time played stats was incorrectly reset in 2nd round of stopwatch
  • Added gravity effect on corpse while player died and standing on ground
  • Added gravity pause for item and physic object. This allow ent falling again if possible.
  • Fixed death animation was cut when the player was sent to the limbo
  • Fixed corpses were rotated by 90° when grounding
  • Added log shutdown reason
  • Fixed regression where on server disconnect ui wasn’t reloaded
  • Added timestamp and game info in g_log file
  • Fixed possible client invalid when creating stats
  • Fixed objective indicator not reset when using multiple spawned items
  • Added EV_MISSILE_FALLING event. Used to played the missile falling sound
  • Changed skill rating rank levels to match a more realistic player base statistical distribution
  • Fixed some 3D models partially disappear when talking
  • Added ANIMFL_RELOADINGANIM flags for reloading animation detection
  • Removed protocol, qport, challenge pairs from userinfo string once connection is established
  • Added SR win probability in log and statsdump
  • Fixed prone player could rotate their head into solid
  • Fixed prone viewpoint horizontal axis
  • Fixed head/legs collision on steppable elements
  • Fixed killed players was stuck on ladder
  • Added prestige feature that tracks players skill levels reset
  • Fixed weapons sanitization from team command
  • Added holding grenade animation and extend throwing animation
  • Fixed cursor hint icon and distance for HINT_BAD_USER and ET_ALARMBOX
  • Added bp command for banner print and UI time slider
  • Fixed restricted weapons can be picked up
  • Replaced fireteam icons by a unique simpler icon
  • Adjusted item position and angle when grounding on inclined plane
  • Removed follow1/follow2 commands
  • Fixed an old issue in antilag to improve hit detection

The last 2.77 dev snapshot is always running live on /connect, or on the personal favourite of yours!

Unfortunately, they´ve lost all stars on their main repo following the GitHub migration, but if you have a GitHub account and want to help them in a very simple way, you can star them at !

More stars = more visibility = more contributors = better ET:Legacy for you!

Source: ET:Legacy Discord Channel


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